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How can I contact Healthy Smiles?

Finding a great dentist is difficult. We definitely understand and connect with that sentiment. With Healthy Smiles we are wanting to be that whole family dentist company that you can rely on and expect nothing but the best.

If you are looking for the dental office that makes you feel like a number and cannot even remember who you are – that is NOT us! If you are looking for that dental company that remembers you and really sees you as a human with things going on and NOT a number, then we are your dental company. 

Give Healthy Smiles a call today and experience what makes us different that anyone else. We can assure you that you will feel at home with our great team and phenomenal dentists. You can call us at 580-237-0694 or submit the form below to experience the difference. Our wonderful staff will be reaching out and scheduling an appointment with you as soon as possible. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

What can I expect the first time I contact Healthy Smiles?

When contacting Healthy Smiles you can and should expect a difference. Our front desk is there to make you feel at home and to let you know that we are happy you have decided to call us. We understand that many dental companies do not care or worry about the initial meeting… but we do! The first call is the most important because it will set the tone for your meeting with our team. If you have a negative view, that will be your expectation. We want you to have a positive view of our team before arriving. 

When you get to the office you will find out quickly what makes us different. From our wonderful front desk team to the dentist. We care about you and your family. We are wanting to ensure that we make you a customer for life. Our goal is to earn your business every single time you come into the building.

Finally, when sitting down with the dentist you will experience the difference. Our dentist is communicative and will talk with you and ask several questions to ensure that we are putting you on the right dental plan. You will also notice that we have top-of-the-line dental equipment to ensure we get the job done right the first time and in an expedient manner. 

Our goal is to make this appointment as comfortable and as quick as possible!

Who should contact Healthy Smiles?

If you are looking for the dental office that cares about the whole you, treats you like a human being, cares about your life and actually remembers you, then Healthy Smiles is for you! We want to listen to you and ensure that we can gather the picture and understanding of any questions you may have about the gums or teeth. We are here to serve you and to make you feel as comfortable as possible. 

Most people really do not like going to the dentist, so our goal is to alleviate that as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are in pain when you call or if you are just looking at getting on our books for a cleaning appointment. You are equal in our eyes. 

Give Healthy Smiles a call today and experience the difference for yourself! You can contact us by submitting the contact us form OR you can give us a call at 580-237-0694 today and we are happy to get an appointment set up for you. 

Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

Why should I contact Healthy Smiles?

This is a question that we receive often. You are actually asking the question, “what makes your dental office different from any other dental office?”

Well, we are happy to answer this question for you. If you are a human being that needs any dental work at all, even cleanings, we are for you. We are not even kidding! We want to be the dentist for your entire family. Our team loves watching the little ones grow up to do some amazing things in life. One of the most important things for that is the smile. The smile is one of the first attributes that people will notice in life. The smile brings confidence and a boldness that is indescribable and has been studied for decades.

Please remember that Healthy Smiles operates as a team. It is not a dental company that just goes through the motions of getting you in and out. We believe in instilling trust and value in all that we do with our patients.

Healthy Smiles was created to make a change for every single individual that walks through the door of our office. These changes are not about having healthy gums and great teeth, but about looking at everything from a holistic approach. An example that many people don’t know is that eating ice will damage your enamel and could loosen crowns and/or fillings that you may have.

This is the type of communication you will have with our dentist and/or dental hygienist. Healthy Smiles wants to make your smile last for a lifetime. So, if you are looking for a dental office that cares about the whole you… then our dental office IS for you. Give us a call today to experience the difference!

Where can I find more information about Healthy Smiles?

You can find more information, we actually recommend you doing this, by reading our Google reviews and by viewing our video testimonials. You will notice a common thread in each point that you read. That common thread is that we care about you. 

We say it alot because it is the truth. We are not a big box dental office. We are a locally owned dental office that has a passion for helping our patients have the best smiles around. 

So, feel free to review and do some research on us. Call us if you have any questions about what you see or hear. We would be happy to answer those questions for you. Our staff is very competent and is very capable of giving you the very best dental experience. Call us today at 580-237-0694 today and allow us to get an appointment set up for you.