Whole Family Dentistry

Pediatric & Adult Dentistry

Infant Dental Care is something that we want to provide to our patients. We offer a program called the HEALTHY BEGINNINGS PROGRAM.


We give free exams to infants 1-2 weeks after birth to check for any presence of tethered oral tissues (lip or tongue ties) that may interfere with breastfeeding and the growth and development of the infant’s skeletal structure. Once we do a free infant exam, we follow the baby until the age of 3 with FREE EXAMS and CLEANINGS every 6 months. This program doesn’t matter if you have insurance or not, we want to ensure that your child has the healthiest beginning in their oral health.

Why Healthy Smiles?

Our dental team is top-notch! We believe that having a dental plan for children and ensuring they keep their healthy smile is our priority. When you bring the child in for a dental appointment we want them to feel as comfortable as possible. We want to educate and follow-up to make sure your child’s smile is progressing. After all, a smile can do wonders for a child. Come and see what makes Healthy Smiles different from the rest!

Who do we serve?

At Healthy Smiles we serve everyone! We are considered a whole family dentistry. This means that we can see adults and children. We do not only see adults OR only see children, we want to see the entire family.

This is important because we believe that building that family relationship is a key to providing whole health support. We definitely care about your smile and your teeth, as that is our passion, but supporting healthy gums correlates to the entire body. Many dentists only do their job well enough to keep you coming back every six month. With Healthy Smiles our goal is to make it a fun experience for you and your family where you will want to come back.

Being a whole family dentist and living in the community that we serve, we can relate to what is happening and give practical advice for dental care. This is the beauty of working with a down to earth dentist that knows you and your children. We want to build that connection with you!

Do we see children?

YES, YES, and YES!!! We get asked this question often. The beauty of having a whole family dentistry is that we get to communicate with our patients and their families to see how things are going. We would love to see your children come into the dental office. Our amazing team wants to help and put your child on a pathway to ensure they have healthy gums and a wonderful smile. 

Data shows that having a healthy smile leads to more self confidence and a more outgoing personality. The reason is that as a child gets older they become more aware of their smile. Statistically the smile is the first thing that someone looks at. We want your child to have the best smile around.

Are you an adult?

We love working with our adult patients and their families. We have a dental team that has extensive training and experience in dealing with various issues that have or could arise. Just call us and see what the difference between Healthy Smiles and every other dentist is. We have the success stories to back up our claims.

What do we provide?

Healthy Smiles provides different avenues for the whole family. We do everything and more as follows:

Regular Check-Ups is so important. Not only does it help catch issues that could arise before it becomes a problem, it also allows our dentist to set a path and help instill good brushing habits and educate you or your child down a pathway of healthy gums.

Teeth Cleanings, brushing and flossing your teeth at home is a good habit to get into. But unfortunately, it cannot get the hardened plaque that develops on teeth over time. This can only be conducted by a dental hygienist or a dentist. We clean and polish the teeth to support healthy gums, which helps support a healthy body.

Fluoride is used to prevent cavities, and to help repair tooth enamel at the early stages of tooth development. It helps to prevent tooth decay.

Sealants are applied to teeth where the decay seems to occur the most, usually in the back teeth. It is a sealant that acts as a barrier to help protect the enamel from plaque.

Crowns are used as a form of dental restoration that covers and acts as a cap for the entire tooth. They do NOT have to always be silver. With Healthy Smiles we are able to get a crown that can match your current tooth color. The dentist will make the recommendation of whether a crown is needed for your tooth or not. We DO have the ability to do same-day crowns.

Fillings are not for every tooth. They do work better if there is a smaller cavity. The idea of having a fillings is to keep the healthy tooth structure. The dentist will decide if a filling is recommended or not.

Lip Tie & Tongue Tie is a passion for Healthy Smiles. A new baby may have difficulty with nursing. If there is difficulty of the baby latching on, or you are experiencing significant pain, then you may want your baby to receive an evaluation by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). While this issue is often overlooked, we want to make sure we are able to help and point you in the right direction.

Emergency Dental Care is common and it is important to know that your dental office has the ability to accommodate your needs when these issues arrive. Because dental trauma is common in children and adults due to any incident – you should remain calm and take immediate action that could minimize any damaging effects.

And many more services! Just give our team a call and we can get you taken care of.

What is next?

This is a simple response… you should give us a call. We do book up quickly so do not wait to give us a call. You can call our front desk right now and they are more than happy to get an appointment set up for you!